Communication used to be ‘nice to have’
but in today’s world has become ‘need to have’

Why Indoor Wireless

About us

UlWiMo stands for Ultimate Wireless Mobility. UlWiMo was established as a brand name of Commways BV, a company established in the Netherlands and Germany and dating back to 2012 when it was first founded. The company has been active in indoor wireless coverage solutions and wireless spectrum assessment ever since. As off 2016 the brand name UlWiMo is carried by Marketing4B2B.

UlWiMo concentrates on the assessment, consultancy, engineering and specifying of indoor wireless solutions. Likewise, we develop RFQ’s, accompany vendor selection, guide landlords through the myriad of solutions, etc. We frequently assess in building situations by means of radio measurement of the actual coverage experienced by tenants. Ulwimo disposes of a vast eco system of partners through which we have additional competences at our disposal. Also, we can supply , install and deliver systems through our partner network.

Reference projects