Indoor Wireless Reference Cases

Indoor wireless solutions, indoor DAS and indoor provisions for public safety are no rocket science ! The technology has been available for decades; the solutions are abundantly available on the market and the systems are known to mobile operators. What is new is that the need for them is rising dramatically and so is the demand from users and tenants. What is also new is the option of a fully managed indoor service the way UlWiMO offers it instead of procuring a system.

Holland has a vivid market for indoor coverage, to some extend accelerated by 2 issues:

  1. The liberalising of a specific frequency band for indoor usage of private GSM; a solution that many corporate and hospitals are embracing.
  2. A regime whereby the public safety forces are actively pursuing the installing of indoor coverage for the public safety wireless network. This is a trend equally witnessed in Belgium for the Astrid network and soon to be established in Germany for the growing BDBOS network.

In Holland, currently the most active market for indoor wireless, there are some dozens of examples of buildings and venues that have been equipped with indo wireless systems, notably

  • Hospitals
  • Office complexes
  • Mass venues and stadiums
  • The national airport

Thus, it goes to show that with an indoor solution one is not at all the fist of a kind!

Reference projects (include amongst others)

The Red Apple, Rotterdam
Development of indoor for an eye catching real estate in the redeveloped city center and one of the first buildings to carry a C2000 indoor wireless solution.
Maasboulevard Venlo
Sales of an indoor solution for a residential and commercial development that has GSM for all operators and C2000 indoor coverage in parts of it. System implemented by Koning en Hartman.
Meander hospital, Amersfoort
An integral 100.000 m2 indoor solution was developed for the new hospital, for 2,3 G for 3 operators and private GSM plus C2000 indoor (SCL).
Schiphol Airport
A feasibility study and preliminary design for an all encompassing, 800.000 m2 large integral indoor network for 2,3 and 4 G from all operators, C2000 and private trunking. In 2013 and 2014, a subsequent design and architecture was developed in a development project with the mobile operators and Schiphol. The first roll out will be in 3 piers and terminals, coinciding with an airport refurbishment.
DAS insurance
For the insurance company DAS a coverage measurement of their new premises in Amsterdam was conducted and an indoor solution proposed of which some initial infrastructure has been carried out by installer HIG.
Judicial Centre
The justice ministry operates a brand new, 40.000 m2 detention facility at the national airport. The coverage for mobile services there proves to be poor. Ulwimo conducted a network design, an equipment proposal and an integral ‘radio’ design for the entire premises which the prospect is contemplating on executing. The entire facility is operated by BAM under a 25 year full service contract, including any potential indoor system.
Multiple tenants in one of Amsterdam’s WTC’s (60.000 m2) suffer from lack of coverage for mobile services. Ulwimo conducted comprehensive wireless coverage measurements throughout the multi tenant premises to assess the quality of the coverage. Three remedies to improve it were recommended and are now being assessed by the WTC.
Nuon offices Amsterdam
Commissioning of 3rd party indoor wireless DAS and measurement of the performance and building insulating properties for CBRE, landlord of Nuon energy company.
New joint ministry
BAM construction company will build, operate and maintain a new 80.000 m2 joint ministerial building. Part of the contract is an indoor coverage provision. Ulwimo engineered and specified the solution and catered for operator interworking; the project was tendered and a vendor selected. The indoor service is part of an obligation BAM performs under a 25 year full service contract with the state.
Spectrum assessments Schiphol Airport
Through 2014 and 2015 multiple studies were performed for the airport in the spectrum domain. In one, we evaluated the airport’s spectrum management function and the options for outsourcing it. In another strategic assessment, we analysed and evaluated options for future mobile broadband services and the options to acquire spectrum to perform these.
Education center
Aventus school has a new venue where coverage is poor and users experience constraints. Ulwimo measured and assessed the coverage for the ICT department and proposed solutions.
University campus
Radboud University and hospital operator a campus in Nijmegen, comprising dozens of building where indoor coverage is poor. Then again, primary medical and educational processes depend on connectivity. In a feasibility study, Ulwimo worked in a team to develop a masterplan, architecture and RFQ as well as operator interworking and consent.
Boston & Seattle towers
Rotterdam: these are new residential complexes in Rotterdam’s iconic new Kop van Zuid district. The basement parkings are to have both public safety and mobile coverage; Ulwimo engineers and executes the solution for Terberg, the overall installer. Project executed with Spie.