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These wireless developments inside of building can be facilitated however ! For all those environments where communication is an essential facility – such as offices and the examples mentioned – there are solutions to propagate any wireless signal from outside networks to an inside network inside the building. These solutions are generally addressed as indoor wireless solutions. They typically comprise an antenna network, a distribution network and some signal sources such as repeaters. Such a network then forwards the signals of all operators and all types of mobile networks (GSM, data, etc) into the building. Likewise, such a system can also be deployed to distribute signals of proprietary systems such as private radio’s, corporate GSM, nurse call systems or devices for the company’s own emergency services.

Such an indoor wireless network can easily be regarded as a next generation of building utilities or facilitating infrastructure. In addition to lighting, ventilation, sanitary and HVAC facilities the building can just as well comprise wireless communication facilities. Likewise, they can easily be embedded in an integral facility management environment or service contract .

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