Indoor wireless prominent topic at Telecom Infra Event 2016

September 15th, 2016 saw the full day Telecom Infra Event in Utrecht, Holland. There was abundant presence of local telecom industries and with over 700 visitors registered, this was one of Holland’s larger events. There were multiple presentations on the topic of Indoor or In Building Wireless. This comes as no surprise as the market for indoor solutions is vivid in Holland with large venues implementing indoor systems and growing attention from operators for the domain.

Ulwimo presented the opportunity the market constitutes for installers, engineering bureaus and facility managers. We presented an overview of the vary many solutions and discussed the intricate ‘triangle’ of landlord, operator and user in which the link between operator and landlord typically is the one that requires articulating:

Nonetheless, the indoor market provides many opportunities for all and the abundance of technologies should not distract anyone from engaging when a latent demand is identified.

Spie, a Dutch Integrator, also presented on Indoor and highlighted amongst others the analogy between lighting – an common building facility – and indoor, an upcoming commodity yet not as established as lighting.

KPN, Holland’s largest mobile operator, spoke of the challenges in Indoor by means of the project in the Amsterdam based Teleport building. KPN compared classical solutions like coax with more advanced systems based on amplifying nearer to the antenna:

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