ULWIMO Services

  ULWIMO Services

For any indoor solution, customer owned or neutral hosting, you will inherently need a design. Ulwimo can design the entire indoor solution to your needs, starting from your functional requirements down to the very detailed radio planning.

Then for a customer owned solution, Ulwimo can do all the detailed engineering, system procurement, installation, commissioning and servicing.

In case of en Neutral Hosting solution, we will do the same yet bundle al of it in the form of a lease. Off course, Ulwimo also caters for the lease itself through her related partners. Thus, a fully managed in building service is provided under the Neutral Hosting formula. Under Neutral Hosting, the property owner can completely forget or even ignore the entire system enabling the service; all he obtains is the service itself and the underlying network, technology and operator interworking is taken care of out of his eyesight by Ulwimo.

Also and probably most important in any scenario, Ulwimo can facilitate through excellent connections and experience the collaboration from the public mobile operators. It can’t be overstressed: these operators own the frequencies, paid for the licences and thus no one can implement any indoor system carrying their signals without their consent!

Based on experience, best practices and proven concepts we can however facilitate the obtaining of consent form any or all operators. In actual fact, Ulwimo is currently shaping the interworking with operators through a standard SLA for 3rd party objects being developed.

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