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Indoor wireless is a new phenomenon on the European and operator domain, even though the technology deployed is far from new. To read more about this topic we recommend the following articles and publications, either from 3rd parties or Ulwimo herself. If you are interested please send an e-mail to put in the subject line: White paper and the title of the paper you wish to receive.

  • White paper Neutral Host by Infinigy
  • White paper DAS technology by NextG
  • Artikel facilitaire gebouw communicatie uit vastgoed Journaal
  • Artikel indoor wireless voor ziekenhuizen uit FMT
  • Specificaties generieke indoor wireless infrastructuur, Rijksgebouwen Dienst
  • Inkoppel eisen SCL’s door vtsPN (Netherlands)
  • Leitfaden Objektversorgung by BDBOS ( Germany)

You can download the following articles directly:

TCCA white paper on critcal verticals' mobile usage
TCCA is the international cupola under which all providers and users of critical mobile communication reside. The TCCA has a historical inclination towards Public Safety markets where originally Tetra was widely deployed for voice communication. Lately, their focus has shifted and broadened:
• Towards LTE as a replacement or addition to Tetra trunked voice systems and services. The users of Tetra are all developing a need for mobile data that Tetra cannot fulfil and in order to meet that requirement the critical communications world is looking at LTE, either as a complementary network or as a service from a provider to be provided with or on top of Tetra. Over time, the TCCA – and many others – foresees a hybrid coexistence of Tetra and LTE and a gradual phasing out of Tetra voice with voice over 4 and 5 G taking over.
• Towards enterprises and verticals such as airports, utilities, energy sectors and transportation where Tetra also plays a role and where the tendency to develop enterprise specific LTE services is eminent.

This change in focus and addition to the scope of narrowband voice solutions has led the TCCA to the publishing of a new white paper as attached. The white paper aims to develop or enhance two things predominantly:
1. An eco system of LTE or broadband services and solutions for their audience of critical communications users, both public safety and verticals. This entails amongst others the development and release of trunked features for critical mobile broadband, that the voice and Tetra world has already had at its disposal for decades.
2. The establishment of mobile broadband offering though either system suppliers or service providers for these niches and sectors. This is why the paper specifically addresses Mobile Operators or similar service providers, to embrace these niches more closely and develop offering for these verticals. The paper also addresses regulators as the establishment of these services is likely to require spectrum, shared or dedicated, for any new player that doesn’t yet have spectrum like a mobile operator does.

With the white paper, TCCA hopes and expects to put critical mobile broadband niches on the radar of regulators, suppliers and providers to an extent that tangible offering will develop with the inclusion of the required service levels and KPI’s that these niches require.

Ulwimo contributed to the white paper specifically for the aspects of businesses and verticals, due to its enterprise specific experience with the critical communications portfolio at the airport of Amsterdam. Due to our contribution, this white paper now balances both public safety and enterprise aspects. Meanwhile, this white paper has been presented at multiple international forums, such as the EU Spectrum Policy Group, the Spectrum Summit in Germany, enterprise venues in Holland and a private LTE seminar in the UK.

Also Ulwimo participates in ‘KMBG’, an initiative in Holland to unite the verticals that require critical mobile broadband, aggregate their demand and solicit offering. KMBG has been developed with the example of the French Agurre association of verticals in mind.

Download the white paper here

Artikel Bedrijfskritische mobiele communicatie over LTE
Met een artikel in het vakblad voor mobiele communicatie De Verbinding in 2017 heeft Ulwimo het hele speelveld van kritische mobiele communicatie voor sectoren en bedrijven beschreven, van spectrum opties tot nieuwe LTE features. De toepassingen raken havens, luchthavens, ziekenhuizen, de transportsector, nutsbedrijven, etc . Meer lezen…

Artikel netwerk sharing voor mobiele communicatie
Voor bedrijfskritische mobiele toepassingen dreigt spectrum schaarste en kunnen potentieel frequenties en netwerken gedeeld worden; artikel uit vakblad voor mobiele communicatie De Verbinding uit 2015. Lees meer…

Artikel facilitaire gebouw communicatie uit Facility Magazine door Ulwimo
In een artikel voor het Nederlandse facilitair weekblad heeft Ulwimo in 2013 een breed overzicht gegeven van de markt voor Indoor oplossingen voor mobiele communicatie. Het perspectief is dat van de gebouweigenaar of –beheerder. Meer lezen…

Artikel indoor wireless voor kantoren uit Office Magazine
In het Office Magazine van oktober 2011 is een breed artikel verschenen over het nut van- en de opties voor  Indoor oplossingen voor met name kantoren. De toen genoemde opties gelden onverminderd. Meer lezen…

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